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The luxury yacht and mega yacht insurance market is very specialized and requires a highly customized, comprehensive solution for the unique needs of the large yacht owner.

Ironshore has created a very broad policy to offer your client the custom tailored insurance solution required for their yachts up to $10 million in hull value. Coverage can be customized based on the unique nature of the yacht, the navigational requirements and captain and crew requirements.

All Risks Coverage

Our broad “Agreed Value” policy offers one of the most comprehensive coverage solutions and gives even the most discerning yacht owner the peace of mind to know that their yacht has the superior protection required.

Broad Navigational Limits

The navigational limits available are customizable to meet the needs of the owner’s cruising itinerary. They can include waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean and other areas.

Coverage for Paid Captain and Crew

The policy covers liability of the captain and crew. It also covers the owner’s liability to the captain and crew under Jones Act coverage and may include coverage for Maritime Labor Convention when required.


Underwriting and Claims

Experienced Underwriting and Claims expertise allows Ironshore to offer superior levels of protection.