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Terrorism and Sabotage Insurance

A terrorist attack can strike at anytime, anywhere, and the consequences can be devastating. With the right protection, these damages can be limited and the security of knowing there is coverage is comforting.

In today’s volatile world, after events such as the Boston bombings, attacks in Kenya and terrorist organizations striking around the world, global terrorism coverage is essential. Ironshore’s Production Team is an Industry leader in this field with expansive knowledge of the subject.  This product offers a global solution to the risk of damage caused by acts of terrorism.

Coverage Offered

Ironshore offers tailored and flexible solutions for clients to account for all their needs:

  • Terrorism & Sabotage insurance for property damage and business interruption, capacity up to $500,000,000
  • Can be extended to cover Strikes, Riots, and Civil Commotion and Active Shooter
  • Worldwide cover
  • Full value or first loss
  • Exclusive Crisis Three Sixty response coverage included on all primary policies
  • Includes defense and debris removal costs and professional fees
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Additional Benefits
  • Insureds can choose which assets to insure
  • Suited for US clients and Companies with International exposure
  • Loss does not have to be government certified
Why Ironshore?
  • Production Specialists are the decision makers
  • Our claims and production teams work closely together
  • Visit clients regularly to understand your business
  • Specialized underwriting experience within the War & Terrorism team
  • Recognized leaders in the market
Department of Homeland Security Resources

For information on how to respond when an Active Shooter is in your vicinity, please review the following Department of Homeland Security Resources:

Active Shooter: How to Respond Booklet PDF

Active Shooter Pocket Guide PDF

Active Shooter Quick reference Guide Link

Active Shooter Preparedness Video