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Specialty Casualty Insurance

Ironshore Specialty Casualty® products are available for a diverse mix of industry classes including but not limited to: Manufacturing, Energy, Transportation, Agriculture, Commercial Construction, Public Entities and Not-For-Profits, Restaurants, Hotels and Real Estate. Ironshore has the flexibility to structure programs and provide terms and conditions to meet the needs of complex organizations. Coverage is available on an occurrence, claims-made, retained amount, and integrated occurrence basis.


Ironshore’s Specialty Construction unit offers custom-built construction risk solutions, including residential and commercial wrap-ups/project specific policies, and practice policies for subcontractors, commercial general contractors and construction-related businesses.

Classes of business include contractors for commercial general, drilling (water/well), drilling, drywall, electrical, foundation, heating & air conditioning, HVAC, plumbing, water & sewer, waterproofing and more.


Ironshore works with our energy wholesalers and producers to offer customized products that fits their client’s needs. We have experts in the field who understand the customer's operation and who can respond to the requirements of the market.

This includes Primary General Liability and Buffer Layers, Lead Umbrella and Excess. Target classes include but are not limited to oil and gas lease operators/ non- operators, seismic firms, drilling contractors, pipeline owners and operators, oilfield service/wire line contractors, well and mud loggers and perforating and completion contractors.

General Casualty

Ironshore Specialty Casualty® has the ability to cover specialized liability risks for a wide range of industry groups. Our underwriters have the experience and knowledge required to understand specialized coverage needs. With our flexible approach and comprehensive product offering, Ironshore has the capability to deliver innovative insurance solutions to address a variety of complex liability risks.

Minimum premium is $40,000 to $100,000 depending on limits and attachment point.


Ironshore Specialty Casualty® offers excess liability products designed to cover a wide range of transportation risks.

Our seasoned underwriting team has the expertise required to understand the complex risks and coverage needs of the transportation industry. With our creativity and flexible approach, Ironshore has the ability to deliver comprehensive insurance solutions to guard against even the most challenging transportation risks.

Public Entity

Ironshore Specialty Casualty® offers liability products that provide insurance solutions for the Public Sector. Ironshore’s team of knowledgeable and experienced leaders have the ability to understand and address the varying levels of coverage needs for governmental risks. Our flexible approach enables our team to creatively solve complex problems and protect against even the most challenging exposures.

Target risks include towns, cities, counties, states and other type of local governmental units. Schools include K-12 both public and private, water, sewer or other special districts, higher education including community colleges, individual and pooled risks and more.

Designers & Contractors Professional Liability

Ironshore's Designers & Contractors Professional Liability (DCPL) team of production and risk management specialists , includes experienced experts dedicated to providing quality products and services to architects, engineers and design-build contractors throughout the construction industry. Whether the method of project delivery is Design-Build, Design Assist, Bridging, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Public Private Partnership (P3), or traditional Design-Bid-Build, our experienced team is uniquely positioned to provide tailored and innovative insurance coverage solutions and industry specific risk management services to mitigate circumstances and resolve claims expediently and efficiently. 

Owners Protected & Professional Indemnity (OPPI)

Owners Protective Professional Indemnity (OPPI) is coverage purchased by an Owner for a specific construction project to provide insurance protection on two levels:

  • The OPPI Insurance product would indemnify the Owner for rst party loss resulting from the Owner’s design professionals’ or design builders’ negligence in their provision of professional services when damages are in excess of the design professionals’ or design builders’ available professional liability insurance policies; and

  • The OPPI Insurance product would provide a defense and pay damages for third party claims made against the Owner for negligent performance of professional services performed by the design professional or design builder retained by the Owner on the Owner’s project.


  • Dedicated limits for the Owner for a specific project

  • Supplements the design professional’s available limits providing additional coverage should underlying limits be exhausted through adjudication, mediation or settlement.

  • Because OPPI is excess, sitting above collectable professional liability insurance, premiums are lower than traditional Project Speci c Policies.

  • SIR applies to all third party claims and to rst party Owner indemnity claims only if the available underlying Professional liability insurance limits have been exhausted by payment of unrelated claims.

  • Provides coverage, excess of a SIR, if the Design Professional of Design Builder fails to maintain their professional liability limits or discontinues their professional liability insurance.

  • The OPPI policy can be tailored to respond with coverage even if the Owner executes a contractual Limitation of Liability with the Design Professional or Design Builder

  • Minimum premiums is $15K for $1M limit

  • Limits - $15M

Ironshore Market Focus:

Ironshore’s focus is to provide a product that enhances and complements other products offered by Ironshore in the Real Estate and Construction Divisions including Wrap–up and Owner Interest Policies, Builders Risk,

Environmental Policies and Stand Alone Terrorism Coverage. Appetite is for all infrastructure and public and private vertical construction projects