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2020 News

Date: 12.16.20

Risk & Insurance article featuring Liberty Mutual's Tracy Sharis: Quick on Your Feet While Taking Dead Aim

Tracey Sharis of Liberty Mutual details the way she and her company are keeping a pulse on the programs business through mergers and acquisitions, pandemics, innovation and more.

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Date: 11.24.20

Insurance Business America article featuring Ironshore's Mark Reilly & Liberty Mutual's Amy Gross: 'Big picture' view critical in shifting private equity insurance market

The Great Recession of 2007 to 2009 has finally caught up with the US private equity (PE) industry. While the financial crisis had a more immediate impact on other sectors within financial services, PE firms were less scathed in the short-term due to the long-tail nature of their financial exposures. Even if some of their individual portfolio companies suffered as a result of the financial crisis, the impacts of those events did not catch up with limited partner investors or other fund constituents until some years later.

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Date: 10.13.20

Risk & Insurance article featuring Ironshore's Brandon Mezick & Liberty Mutual's Jeff Duncan: Health Care Delivery Is Rapidly Transforming. Can Underwriters React in Time?

COVID-19 could permanently change the way care is delivered. Underwriters will watch how health systems manage ongoing safety concerns and pandemic-induced financial strain.

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Date: 09.01.20

Risk & Insurance article featuring Wholesale Distribution Executive, Ben Johnson on 3 Reasons the Wholesale Market Will Continue its Dramatic Growth

As the risk landscape becomes more complex post COVID-19, E&S insurers are poised to tackle unique underwriting challenges.

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Date: 08.28.20

CLM Magazine's article by Ironshore's Kristin McMahon, Esq. and Alicia Bromfield: The Doctor Is Operational. AI in health care and the new liability landscape

Artificial intelligence (AI) has captured the world’s headlines, perhaps in health care more than any other field. From surgical robots to diagnostic machines that can more quickly and accurately detect disease process (such as diabetic retinopathy by studying images of the eye), AI has the potential to transform health care delivery and improve patient outcomes.

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Date: 08.26.20

Insurance Business America article featuring Ironshore's Britt Sellers & Liberty Mutual's Ben Beauvais: Critical areas of analysis in construction risk management

Delays in start-up, hailstorms and hurricanes, a skilled labor shortage, rising insurance premiums, social inflation and rising liability concerns, the overarching matter of a global pandemic - when faced with such a smorgasbord of challenges, it’s essential for general contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry to exercise strong risk management, especially when it comes to their supply chain.

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Date: 08.07.20

Risk & Insurance article featuring Ironshore's Brandon Mezick & Liberty Mutual's Marie Michelich: It’s Time to Embrace Health Care’s Changing Model as the ‘New Normal’

Several factors, including the recent COVID-19 crisis, have catapulted health care systems into what many are calling a “new normal.” Those in the space must prepare now for the emerging risks to follow.

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Date: 07.27.20

Insurance Business America article featuring Ironshore's Britt Sellers & Liberty Mutual's Ben Beauvais: Challenges mounting as construction insurance market continues to harden

The US construction insurance market is in a tight bind. Like much of the property & casualty (P&C) market, the construction sector is experiencing significant rate increases across primary, umbrella and excess, and specialty lines, as well as some reduction in market capacity and widespread restriction of risk appetite. The reasons behind this market tightening are multi-faceted, but one of the primary culprits is the increase in claim severity caused by social and medical inflation.

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Date: 07.20.20

Business Insurance article featuring Ironshore's Christina Harris: Push to Develop Vaccine Raises Liability Questions

Scientists work hard to rush COVID-19 protections to market, but will immunity laws hold firm if something goes wrong?

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Date: 06.29.20

Insurance Business America article featuring Ironshore's Toby Smith: 'Telling the insured's story' vital in environmental insurance submissions

Over the past few years, the commercial real estate, hospitality and healthcare sectors have all experienced a significant uptick in insurance claims based on mold and indoor air quality issues. These quiet perils, which often remain undetected until it’s too late, can yield extensive claims, especially when high concentrations of people (for example, in hospitals or hotels) are exposed to the pollutants.

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Date: 06.09.20

Insurance Business America article featuring Ironshore's Toby Smith: Managing mold – the silent assassin

Mold could be described as the silent assassin of environmental risks. It’s a highly problematic but quiet peril that often goes unnoticed until it’s too late – and environmental insurance claims reflect this. Over the past few years, there’s been a significant uptick in both the frequency and severity of mold claims in commercial real estate, particularly in industry sectors like healthcare, hospitality and education – notably, K-12 schools.

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Date: 04.28.20

Insurance Business America article featuring Ironshore's Theresa Galizia: Understanding Medical Stop Loss Insurance

The medical stop loss insurance market has experienced a surge in recent years as more employers in the United States attempt to save costs by offering self-funded health benefit programs and using medical stop loss insurance as a financial backstop.

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Date: 04.01.20

Risk & Insurance article featuring Ironshore: #MeToo Is Still Driving Sexual Harassment Litigation. Here Are 4 Ways You Could Proactively Reduce Your Exposure

Though Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charges dropped off in 2019, increased awareness of the pervasiveness of sexual harassment means new suits will likely keep coming. Companies can take proactive steps to help create safer workplaces.

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Date: 02.07.20

Leader's Edge article featuring Ironshore's Toby Smith: You Are What You Eat: PFAS

PFAS are chemicals widely used in consumer products. They’ve made their way into our bodies, and now they could be a triple-threat liability.

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Date: 01.16.20

Risk & Insurance article featuring Ironshore's Dave Standish: Everything You Need to Know About Biometric Data Collection

Ironshore’s Dave Standish explains some of the top risks associated with collecting biometric data, from liability and the legal landscape to how to protect against a data breach.

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