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2020 News

Date: 04.28.20

Insurance Business America article featuring Ironshore's Theresa Galizia: Understanding Medical Stop Loss Insurance

The medical stop loss insurance market has experienced a surge in recent years as more employers in the United States attempt to save costs by offering self-funded health benefit programs and using medical stop loss insurance as a financial backstop.

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Date: 04.01.20

Risk & Insurance article featuring Ironshore: #MeToo Is Still Driving Sexual Harassment Litigation. Here Are 4 Ways You Could Proactively Reduce Your Exposure

Though Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charges dropped off in 2019, increased awareness of the pervasiveness of sexual harassment means new suits will likely keep coming. Companies can take proactive steps to help create safer workplaces.

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Date: 02.07.20

Leader's Edge article featuring Ironshore's Toby Smith: You Are What You Eat: PFAS

PFAS are chemicals widely used in consumer products. They’ve made their way into our bodies, and now they could be a triple-threat liability.

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Date: 01.16.20

Risk & Insurance article featuring Ironshore's Dave Standish: Everything You Need to Know About Biometric Data Collection

Ironshore’s Dave Standish explains some of the top risks associated with collecting biometric data, from liability and the legal landscape to how to protect against a data breach.

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