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2012 News

Date: 10.04.12

Changing Times: New Challenges Emerge for Medical Professional Liability Writers, as doctors leave group practices to join larger organizations

Consolidation is changing the way health care providers do their jobs and is challenging medical professional liability writers to adapt to an evolving environment. For insurers that underwrite a lot of individual doctors, such as physician-owned insurance companies, a new phenomenon is that their client base is shrinking as doctors opt to become employees of hospitals.

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Date: 10.02.12

Kurt Suhs talks Privacy & Network Security Coverage with Bests Review

Ironshore's Kurtis Suhs talks to Bests Review about privacy and network security coverage changes especially as new data security threats, litigation and privacy regulations evolve.

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Date: 09.06.12

Hurricane Andrew Changed the Worldwide Reinsurance Market

Click the link below to read Business Insurance's article discussing howalmost 20 years ago, Hurricane Andrew changed the worldwide reinsurance market.

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Date: 07.19.12

Worldwide Uncertainty Highlights Value of Political Risk, Trade Credit Insurance

Interest in political risk and trade credit insurance is the highest it’s been since after 9/11, according to underwriters, and it’s coming from both insureds and insurers.

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Date: 05.01.12

Ironshore's Kelley Discusses Engaging the Asian Market

Asia’s economic growth was a strong lure to set up in that market.

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Date: 05.01.12

Exec Insights: Retail Strategy Sets Ironshore Apart, Kelley Says

Ironshore is seeing more business in 2012, and getting pricing power on 75 percent of it, according to the company’s chief executive, who attributes increased account flow to a multi-channel distribution strategy that’s heavily retail.

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Date: 04.23.12

Reinsurance Buying: A Harder Market

Andrew Arcahmbault, Global Head of Reinsurance for Ironshore Inc., is featured in Insurance Insider discussing the reinsurance market in 2012.

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Date: 03.16.12

Difficult Territory Ahead

Kevin Kelley, CEO of Ironshore is featured in Reactions magazine highlighting the outloook for the financial market in 2012.

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Date: 02.28.12

Mitrovic Mic'd Up

Ironshore’s D&O Claims Leader Mike Mitrovic sounds off on soft primary claims- handling practic- es and escalating battles between primary and excess insurers.

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