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2010 News

Date: 10.04.10

Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty

Watch Insurance Journal's interview with Kevin Kelley, CEO Ironshore, as he discusses the current state of the marketplace.

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Date: 09.23.10

Industry Veteran Bob Clements Dies

Read Business Insurance's coverage of the passing of industry veteran Bob Clements. Bob was a co-founder and sat on the board of directors for Ironshore.

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Date: 09.13.10

Kevin Kelley to Receive City of Hope 2010 "Spirit of Life" Award

Watch Insurance Journal's interview with Kevin Kelley, CEO of Ironshore, as he discusses his philanthropic commitment to City of Hope, a top cancer research and treatment facility.

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Date: 08.30.10

Ironshore Man

Read Reactions article "Ironshore Man" highlighting the growth of Ironshore under Kevin Kelley's leadership.

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Date: 08.13.10

Ironshore Is In Demand

Dan Sussman, head of Ironshore's Political Risk Division, explains Ironshore's impressive entry into the Political Risk Market with some 300 submissions and conducted transactions.

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Date: 06.28.10

Ironshore's Susan Kostro Receives Recognition from 2010 Women in Insurance Leadership

Ironshore's Susan Kostro, Senior Vice President, Specialty Casualty, received recognition as part of four Notable Achievers -- 2010 Women in Insurance Leadership Awards Program, who have successfully driven significant project and/or process improvements within their companies.

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Date: 06.03.10

"New Brand, New Legacy"

Read Canadian Insurance's overview, highlighting the Ironshore's entrance into the Canadian market. Michael Wills, CEO of Ironshore Canada, is overseeing the new office, which serves as an MGA for Ironshore's Pembroke Syndicate, which will focus on financial instutitions, professional liability, directors and officers, and marine and inland marine insurance.

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Date: 05.10.10

"Ironshore Sees New Business Potential as Silver Lining in Gulf Coast Oil Spill"

Read BestWeek's article highlighting Ironshore's new business potential for both the Environmental and Casualty divisions in light of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Ironshore Environmental CEO Joe Boren and President John O'Brien discuss new considerations for the insurance market due to the threat of the ongoing issue.

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Date: 04.23.10

Kevin Kelley, CEO of Ironshore Insurance, on

Click below to watch Kevin Kelley discuss the recession's impact on the insurance field. Video:

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Date: 03.16.10

"An Air of Danger"

Read this commentary by Ironshore's Environmental CEO Joe Boren, discussing the rise of health risks for children and the impact it has on the insurance industry.

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