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2019 News

Date: 07.26.19

Risk & Insurance article featuring IronHealth's CUO, Kevin Dean: 5 Ways Health Care Transformation Is Impacting Insurance

Each innovation in health care influences the way underwriters approach the market; by knowing what’s changing, insureds can help keep insurers informed.

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Date: 05.07.19

AM BestTV Panel: Experts See Insurtechs as Enablers, Amazon as Potential Disruptor

A panel of senior insurance leaders say the industry would be wise to think about where Amazon might enter the space, then figure out how to beat it there.

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Date: 03.13.19

Risk & Insurance article featuring Toby Smith, President Ironshore Environmental: Mold Remediation is Costing Hotels and Hospitals Millions. These 3 Critical Lessons Can Help Other Real Estate Companies Avoid the Same Fate

The frequency and severity of mold claims have spiked in recent years. The biggest losses highlight the need for proactive risk management.

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Date: 01.28.19

Risk & Insurance article featuring IronHealth's CUO, Kevin Dean: An Entire Industry Was Duped By a Well-Spoken, Well-Dressed Silicon-Valley Tycoon; Here’s Why It’ll Happen Again

Elizabeth Holmes tricked investors out of millions by dressing in ‘Steve Jobs’ black and pitching health care technology that didn’t work. The risk management lessons from the Theranos fiasco are both scary and insightful.

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Date: 01.09.19

Risk & Insurance article featuring Ironshore, U.S. President, Matt Dolan: Social Inflation Threatens Claims Outcomes, and Other Insights Shared by a Specialty Exec

The specialty market is booming. According to the Surplus Lines Stamping Office of Texas, E&S premiums recorded by 15 managing services offices in mid-2018 were up $1.4 billion from the previous year — a 9.4 percent bump. Over the past seven years, premiums have jumped 67 percent. With its acquisition of specialty insurer Ironshore in the Spring of 2017, Liberty Mutual Insurance has taken advantage of this growing market. We sat down with President of Ironshore U.S., Matt Dolan, to talk about how the merger boosts his company’s competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded marketplace, as well as other trends and challenges facing the industry in 2019.

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