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International Products


The Global Property Division operates from our Lloyd's Box located on the third gallery and our Fenchurch Street offices. We have two specialist underwriting Teams, Open Market/D&F, headed by Joerg Eickstaedt, and Global Property Programs, headed by Melanie Alexander. We are in the privileged position of offering capacity under our two Global Platforms, Ironshore Europe DAC and Pembroke Syndicate 4000.

Open Market/D&F Division

Our Global Platform and Global Licenses enable us to utilize our capacity around the world including the European Union, North America, Central and South America, Middle and Far East, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Our portfolio includes all types of commercial and industrial sectors including real estate, condominiums, leisure and entertainment, mining, light & heavy manufacturing, agricultural, food processing, warehousing and storage, retail outlets, municipalities (including schools and government properties), utilities and power generation, bridges and tunnels, hospitals and railroads. Our appetite includes but is not limited to:

Real Estate

A broad range of coverage requirements on office buildings, shopping malls, hospitality, education, apartments, housing authorities and municipalities, and infrastructure risks of all kinds.


Property Coverage for Global Manufacturers, from single locations to multi-nationals with foreign operations and revenues. We provide innovative insurance solutions and underwriting expertise for all kinds of manufacturing companies backed by capacity, service and claims expertise.


A broad range of property risks, including retail & wholesale operations, warehousing, restaurants, healthcare, municipalities, amusement places, financial institutions, commercial and service business and many more.


A broad range of downstream energy risks, including open pit & underground mining, thermal & hydro power generation and distribution, as well as steel and pulp & paper plants.

Global Property Programmes Division

We have a dedicated Team of Delegated Binding Authority Underwriters specializing in all forms of property binding authorities and facilities. Through the strength of our relationships with our Binding Authority Brokers and local coverholders, we offer expertise, guidance and long-term capacity to develop new binding authorities and facilities, as well as offering capacity to participate or coinsure alongside existing contracts. Our products consist of:

Specialist Financial Institutions

Specialist Financial Institutions, including Mortgage Impairment, Lender Placed Hazard, Lender Placed Flood and Real Estate Owned/Foreclosed Property coverage. This is the only line of business where casualty/package products are available.

SME Business

A broad range of coverage requirements for Small Medium Enterprises around the World, including Restaurants, Office Buildings, Shopping Malls, Retail Outlets and many more are offered on standard ISO forms (U.S.) or local approved forms (Worldwide). For non-US opportunities, there is potential to offer Package solutions with the support of our International Casualty Team.

Single Peril/DIC

Our portfolio costs of single peril or DIC business including Primary/Private Flood (to match NFIP coverage – U.S.), Excess Flood (Minimum attachment point NFIP Limits – U.S.) and Earthquake.

Personal Lines

We can covere single perils or DIC to enhance existing personal lines business. We can also offer coverage on primary, secondary, seasonal, rental, vacant homes and homes under renovation or course of construction. We can include homes and condominium units owned by individuals or held in trust.