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Writing on behalf of Pembroke Syndicate 4000 at Lloyd’s and Ironshore Europe DAC, the Professional Liability division writes Professional Indemnity, Directors & Officers Liability, Trustees Liability, Medical Malpractice, adverse costs ATE insurance, Cross Undertaking of damages cover, Cyber Liability, and other specialized liability classes for all types of commercial organisations.

Whilst we do write the more general classes of PI Insurance, the division is best known for delivering solutions for more unusual risks such as oil and gas and other heavily exposed engineering firms, classification societies, P&I club managers, actuaries, and Specialist security consultants. We create value through innovation, rather than writing a 'commoditized' professional indemnity portfolio. We also underwrite Medical Malpractice liability for a variety of clients outside the USA which is transacted exclusively through

Directors & Officers Liability
Our primary D&O Liability policy is structured and designed to protect the personal assets of directors and officers of all types of commercial organizations from complex litigation. By offering multiple coverage options with flexible levels of protection, our aim is to provide broad protection that is wholly customized to the needs of our clients. Coverage can include but is not limited to Side A Only Coverage, Side A&B Coverage, Side C Securities Entity Coverage, Side D Employment Practices Liability Coverage, Fiduciary/Trustees Coverage and ODL coverage.
Crime/ Fidelity
Fidelity insurance protects financial organizations from loss of money, securities, or inventory resulting from crime. Common fidelity claims allege employee dishonesty, embezzlement, forgery, robbery, safe burglary, computer fraud, wire transfer fraud, counterfeiting, and other criminal acts.
Lawyers Professional Indemnity

Lawyers Professional Indemnity provides protection to Law Firms for claims arising from negligence in the provision of their legal and advisory services to their clients. We are leaders in the asset protection field and deductible infill/stop loss for law firms and are happy to consider separately insuring offices which fall outside other mandatory or non-mandatory programmes. We are especially adept at addressing the needs of offshore law firms and corporate service providers.

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Insurance Brokers Professional Indemnity
Insurance Brokers Professional Indemnity provides protection to Insurance Broking firms for claims arising from negligence in the provision of professional and advisory services to their customers and clients. We write Lloyd's brokers, non-Lloyd's brokers and brokers in most jurisdictions and also write underwriting agencies either as part of a broking group or independently.
Miscellaneous Professional Liability
Miscellaneous professional liability insurance provides protection to a wide spectrum of professional service providers. These businesses may encounter claims of negligence arising from their professional services which could allege financial losses sustained by third parties due to the service provider's alleged negligence. Coverage is specifically crafted to meet the unique needs of each insured. Our miscellaneous portfolio includes P&I club managers, close protection security companies and specialist auctioneers.
Engineers Professional Indemnity

This class is a core class for the syndicate and our franchise is for the more unusual risk profiles, particularly firms that are working in the oil and gas, nuclear, mining and chemical sectors. We have a global account with a large proportion of the business coming from the US and Canada.

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Medical Malpractice

Ironshore supports the Medical Professional Liability Company with an exclusive arrangement to underwrite this class. Their details can be found at

After the Event Legal Indemnity
We will consider Insuring the other side's costs in any Common Law Jurisdiction where the losing side pick up all, or a proportion of, the other side's costs. Jurisdictions of particular Interest are the UK, Canada and Australia. We will consider providing this for Funders as well as directly to plaintiffs.
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Cross Undertaking of Damages Insurance

This is an innovative Insurance product designed to provide cover to Plaintiffs against a court award for the diminution in value of an asset frozen by way of injunction during a court case.

In granting an Injunction in any particular case (and usually at the request of the defendant) it is well within the court's power to insist on a bond for damages in the event that the Injunction causes a diminution in value of the asset in question. This Insurance fulfills that obligation of the Plaintiff.

Cyber Liability
We will consider individual risks, specialist schemes with bespoke wordings as well as worldwide exposures for this growing class.
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The Professional Liability division writes Professional Indemnity, Directors & Officers Liability, Trustees Liability, Warranty & Indemnity, Medical Malpractice and Legal Expenses insurance products for all kinds of commercial organisations. It operates from Lloyd's Box No 148.  With an experienced team of eight, our P.L. division is best known for delivering solutions for more unusual risks, where they create value through innovation, rather than for writing a 'traded' professional indemnity portfolio.

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