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International Products

Political Risks & Trade Credit

Ironshore Political Risks® products are organized around the international and domestic trade flows and foreign investment strategies of our clients.

Internationally and domestically domiciled manufacturing and trading companies and financial institutions should benefit from our flexible underwriting philosophy and availability of country limits. Traditional failure to pay insurance coverage is available on private obligors as well as public sector sovereign and non-sovereign entities. On the political risk side, currency inconvertibility, non-transfer risk, confiscation, expropriation, nationalization and deprivation insurance are several of the perils that Ironshore will consider.

Contract Frustration

Coverage is considered on a stand alone basis.

Political Risk Insurance & CEND

These products are designed to address an insured’s cross-border exposure to government action and political events in emerging markets, such as confiscation, physical damage due to political violence or war, forced abandonment, currency inconvertability and licence/concession cancellation. The subject matter to be insured can include a client’s equity interests in foreign assets, loans, fixed and mobile assets, as well as licences and concessions.

CEND insurance is Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalization and Deprivation. Simply stated, Confiscation and Expropriation occurs when a host country seizes a company's development rights, its facilities and / or its inventories for the host country's own use. Nationalization occurs when the host government makes an expropriation and hands the assets to a state owned entity. Deprivation occurs when the host country prevents the use of assets. CEND policies can be customized to address specific transaction structures. Whether the insured is a business owner with foreign assets or a financial institution engaged in project financings, Ironshore is open to evaluate existing or new projects.

Short Term Single Buyer and Medium Term Single Buyer Insurance

Coverage under these policies are underwritten on a stand alone or syndicated basis. Corporations or financial institutions are the insured parties.

Structured Trade Finance Insurance

Ironshore’s underwriting strengths evolve around bank driven transactions. We consider Structured Trade transactions that we believe are strong credit decisions, involve financial institutions as the insured along with obligors that are industry leaders, have tenors out to 7 years, usually having some form of security and an off-shore collection account.

Multi-Buyer Insurance

Ironshore concentrates on key account policies or framework policies where, on a stand alone or syndicated basis, buyer underwriting and customer service can be managed to a high level of expectation by ourselves and our clients. Corporations or financial institutions are the insured parties.

Failure To Pay Insurance

Also known as "accounts receivable" insurance. This product is organized to insure valid and enforceable debt obligations against the risk of non-payment which arise from the sale or financing of trade transactions. Coverage is available to insureds throughout many international countries. Ironshore considers trade transactions on a single buyer, multi-buyer, key account or spread of risk basis