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Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquisitions and disposals are a risky business; Ironshore has a dedicated, global team of M&A experts and provides solutions to hundreds of clients each year to enable and facilitate M&A transactions. With underwriters based in 10 different jurisdictions, Ironshore  has the largest geographical footprint and deepest jurisdicitional experience in the market. This allows us to ensure that each insured is offered the most comprehensive coverage possible.

Our approach is to provide bespoke products tailored for individual transactional needs, in a timely fashion, including Reps & Warranties / Warranty & Indemnity and M&A Tax Liability coverages and related services to Buyers or Sellers. Our extensive expertise and experience means that we understand your transaction and our comprehensive coverage solutions include features such as: protection against seller fraud; full severability (of exclusions and proposers) and emergency defense costs.

  • General reps and warranties
  • Tax reps and warranties
  • Tax indemnities
  • Specific coverage available for identified tax or contingent liabilities
  • Protection for either sellers or the buyer
  • Buyer protection against seller fraud, an attractive alternative to the financial covenant of sellers
  • Non-cancellable policy with up to 7 years protection
What can be insured?
  • Private company acquisitions
  • Investments through an Investment Agreement
  • Cross-border or domestic transactions
  • Acquisitions/disposal in most sectors/industries/jurisdicitions
  • Transactions in a large number of territories Deals of any size
Target Sectors
  • Property
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Renewable Energy
  • Service sector
  • Education
  • Care homes
  • Retail
  • Oil & Gas services
  • Healthcare
Other Ironshore solutions available for M&A transactions:
  • Environmental liability
  • Political risks
  • Product recall
Find Out About Our Teams' Experience

Ironshore's Global Mergers & Acqusitions and Tax teams' experience covers hundreds of M&A transactions in a variety of jurisdictions and industries. To learn more, please see our marketing materials below.

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