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Financial Institutions Industry

The Financial Institution industry sector represents a strategic imperative to Ironshore. It is a sector that Ironshore is committed to as an identified core target market.

To enhance our offering we have created a focused Industry Practice Group to harness the expertise of all our relevant underwriting units and ensure Ironshore provides a pro-active and co-ordinated response to emerging exposure demand, engaging with producers and their clients. This reflects Ironshore’s ongoing commitment to developing innovative insurance solutions to address evolving risk in the Financial Services sector.

Our Financial Institutions Industry Practice Group underwrites across the full spectrum of financial institutions providing insurance solutions for banks, asset or fund managers, investment funds/vehicles, private equity or venture capital firms, financial exchanges and insurance companies, providing comprehensive coverages for financial institutions within all classes of the specialty property and casualty market. The types of relevant insurance we currently provide include Directors and Officers Liability, Data Privacy Liability, Professional Indemnity, Crime, Fiduciary Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Property, Terrorism, Casualty, Political Risk/Trade Credit, Environmental Liability, Specie, Fine Art & Vault Risk, Finance Breach of Warranty and Mergers & Acquisitions Insurance.

The product suite will continue to develop to meet demand as exposure evolves.

Competitive Advantages

    - Access to empowered decision makers focused on service delivery

    - Experience, expertise and appetite to create solutions to satisfy exposure demands

    - Integrated Claims Service providing robust product integrity

    - International network offering freedom of choice and local service delivery

    - Meaningful capacity deployed decisively, up to:
    - $400m - Terrorism
    - $75m - Financial Lines
    - $200m - M&A
    - $50m - Casualty
    - $50m - Environmental
    - $150m - Fine Art
    - $45m - Property
    - $40m - Political Risk & Trade Credit
    - $40m - Personal Accident
    - $25m - Kidnap & Ransom
    - A relentless desire to perform and succeed as a team for our clients. 

Target Classes

  • Operational Risk - Capital Efficient Solutions - Banks and Asset Managers
  • Mergers & Acquisitions and Tax Liability Insurance- Asset Managers, P/E Firms, Pension Funds, Banks
  • Political Risk/Trade Credit/Cargo - Trade Finance Banks, P/E Firms, Hedge Funds
  • Fine Art, Specie & Vault Risk - Banks, Private Banks, Investment Funds
  • Personal Accident - Group Schemes for Banks and Other Financial Institutions
  • Kidnap & Ransom - Kidnap & Ransom Group Schemes for Banks and Other Financial Institutions / Exclusive relationship with Hazelwood Street Consultants offering professional crisis management services
  • Financial Lines, Crime, Fidelity, Property, Terrorism, Casualty and Environmental Liability Insurances
    - U.S. Hedge Funds
    - International Hedge Funds
    - Asset Managers
    - Investment Funds/Vehicles
    - Pension Fund Managers
    - Private Equity Firms
    - Venture Capital Firms
    - Financial Exchanges
    - Community Banks
    - Retail Banks
    - Commercial Banks
    - Investment Banks
    - Insurance Companies (Including Captives)