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Ironshore® takes pride in its superior risk, claim, and litigation management services and considers the claim function to be an integral component of the insurance products we sell to our policyholders. Ironshore distinguishes itself in the industry by closely aligning our claim professionals with members of the underwriting, actuarial and finance teams. This is our way of ensuring that the people who make the promises, keep the promises and that our policyholder claims are handled in a professional and expeditious manner.

Our Clients Speak For Themselves

 The way that Judy Bares worked with us and the questions that she asked were valid and helpful. Legal counsel that Ironshore brought to the table was also helpful. I think Ironshore is excellent. 
Lana Daniel, United Regional Healthcare System, Inc.
 Feedback from Christopher Smith was the best part of the process 
John Kallen, Corporate Insurance Advisors LLC
 Ironshore is very professional and above board 
Doni Visani, Ohlson Lavoie Corporation
 The positive part of the claims process would be the ease with which Ted Kouridis understood the situation and how quickly he responded given the sensitivity on the claim. Ironshore is very easy to work with. It exceeded my greatest expectations. 
Lisa Shrewsberry, Traub Lieberman Straus & Shrewsberry LLP

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