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Property & Casualty

The Ironshore Property and Casualty claims department provides world-class claims services to all of its accounts. A true team approach between the insured, the defense counsel and Ironshore provides the best possible guidance and protection for our clients. Our claims department has in-depth experience investigating, evaluating and negotiating property and casualty claims to achieve the fairest resolution.

Some of our services for Property and Casualty, Primary, Umbrella or Excess Accounts include:

  • Conducting the investigation, evaluation, negotiation and resolution of claims and lawsuits
  • Selecting the best medical and non-medical experts appropriate for the claim
  • Identifying the best defense attorney with appropriate experience in handling the allegations outlined in the claim or lawsuit
  • Engaging appropriate physicians to conduct an independent medical exam when necessary
  • Partnering with structured settlement brokers when appropriate
  • Reviewing and approving defense expenses for compliance with the Property and Casualty Ironshore Billing & Reporting Guidelines
  • Obtaining prior claim histories on claimants for fraud deterrent purposes