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Progressive Design Build Delivery - A Collaborative Approach

Progressive Design Build (PDB) delivery model is taking center stage for large construction projects by encouraging collaboration and transparency between the parties at the outset.  The approach brings together the owner, contractor and design firm at the earliest stages of project development facilitating open communication amongst all professionals through to completion.  The goals are to secure fair market pricing, keep the project on budget and complete construction as specified on schedule.



The New Normal in Healthcare Delivery and What it Means for Customers and Insurers | Volume 1.2:Value-Based Contracting

The healthcare industry is marching toward a new era in which precision medicine and value-based care walk hand in hand with consumer empowerment.



Wholesale Market Growth Holds Firm Amid Pandemic Crisis

Since mid-March, U.S. markets have been working through stay in place guidance while pockets of society are slowly entering phased re-openings. Against this historically challenging backdrop of uncertainty, what has become increasingly evident is that the value proposition of the wholesale insurance industry has propelled significant growth during this pandemic crisis. As the world shut down, the wholesale marketplace provided creative solutions, critical capacity and specialty-focused coverage for retail agents and their customers.



COVID-19: An Increasing Number of Courts Are Embracing Virtual Technology While the Jury is Out and the Backlog of Civil Proceedings Mount

In mid-March, U.S. federal and state courts ceased normal judicial operations in response to public health concerns related to the coronavirus outbreak. In state courts, jury trials were suspended and many courts stopped mailing jury summonses.  Due to the haunting cloud of uncertainty with respect to the pandemic, the pause on in-person jury trials will likely continue for the majority of state and federal courts until a COVID-19 vaccine is readily available.



The New Normal in Healthcare Delivery and What it Means for Customers and Insurers | Volume 1.1

For years, the government employed traditional methods of combating fraud, waste and abuse. Regulation of Medicaid involved issuing payment to providers for patient services, then later chasing down recoveries on payments deemed improper. On average, this method recovered only 17 percent of improperly billed funds. Slight adjustments to these efforts occurred over time, including the passage of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 1996. HIPAA aimed to combat fraudulent business practices under the traditional fee-for-service healthcare system. Due to numerous revisions, exceptions and interpretations, however, HIPAA has grown convoluted and ineffective.



The New Normal in Healthcare Delivery and what it means for customers and insurers | Volume 1

The healthcare industry has been evolving towards a new era focused on precision medicine, value based care, and consumer empowerment. The COVID-19 pandemic may cement these changes well into the future.