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Colorado State University Research Team Continues to Predict Very Active 2020 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season

Hurricane researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) recently issued their July forecasts for the 2020 Atlantic basin hurricane season, which is expected to experience well above-normal hurricane activity.  CSU researchers increased anticipated activity to 20 named storms, up from 16 named storms projected in its April report and subsequently upped to 19 named storms in June.⃰  Of the 20 named storms for 2020, 9 are expected to reach hurricane strength and 4 are expected to be major, or Category 3+, hurricanes



How could the Downturn in the U.S. Oil & Gas Industry Impact M&A Activity?

The oil and gas industry took another plunge in April 2020. The underlying mood of the National Association of Production and Exploration North American Prospect Expo (NAPE), the industry’s largest upstream oil and gas congregation held in February 2020 in Houston, Texas, reflected a hunkering-down mentality in preparation for an impending downturn. And, that was before the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged global economies.



What Works Better for Predicting Hurricane Damage: Wind or Pressure?

Atlantic hurricane seasons have a long history of creating devasting storm damage causing significant financial impacts. For over 40 years, meteorologists have used the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale to assess storm strength and potential threat to life and property. Hurricane storm characteristics that inflict damage are not isolated to just the maximum wind speed.



Colorado State University Researchers Predicting Active 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Hurricane researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) are predicting an above-average Atlantic hurricane season for 2020. The hurricane season officially runs from June 1 to November 30. Researchers cited that the primary factors influencing their initial annual outlook, released on April 2nd, are the likely absence of El Niño during the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season and that tropical Atlantic sea surface temperatures are currently warmer than normal and are projected to remain warmer than normal for the peak of the season.



Collections Strategies for Design Firms: Tips for Avoiding Client Disputes

Successful collections begin with pre-project planning and extend through post-project evaluation. What follows is an overview of collections guidelines to sustain the financial viability of the design firm over time.

Successful collection of design professional’s fees and expenses requires a written and signed agreement of contractual provisions. Without such an agreement, the task to secure full, timely payment of services could present challenges due to contract ambiguity or client misunderstanding of the professional design firm’s contractual terms and conditions.



Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) resources for healthcare facilities

The safety of our communities is of top concern to us and we want to make sure you have the right resources to manage through a time of uncertainty in light of COVID-19 activity. Hospitals, long-term care, and medical facilities can be a source of support and risk at times like these, with healthcare facilities and professionals on the front line. All of the time, but especially at moments like this, we can’t thank you enough for the important work you do.