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Public D&O Market Trends

The public directors and officers (D&O) market is experiencing a continual hardening of the market.  Insurance buyers are confronting escalating rates, reduction in available limits, rising retentions and additional policy exclusions.  Rates in 2021 are expected to continue trending upward as a result of heightened class action lawsuits, increased claims frequency, higher defense costs and unpredictable “mega” jury verdicts.

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Four complications that come with the shift to telehealth

U.S. healthcare centered around in-person, office visits for decades — until COVID-19 arrived. To prioritize public safety and cope with enormous strain on the healthcare system, the paradigm swiftly shifted. Telehealth rapidly became the new normal in many circumstances, embraced by care providers and patients alike.



PFAS: the extraordinarily costly liability you need to know about

A new and massively costly complication is changing environmental liability: cleanup of hazardous per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) found in aqueous film-forming foams or AFFFs. Commonly used throughout the United States, these Class B firefighting foams are used to extinguish fires involving flammable and combustible liquids, oils, gases, and more. PFAS are held to some of the toughest cleanup standards among regulated contaminants. To make matters more challenging, there are few technologies proven to do the job – and many associated costs.



COVID-Induced Employer Liability Exposure

The country is in the throes of the second wave of the deadly coronavirus that has swept rapidly nationwide since March 2020.  Employers are bracing for continued uncertainties as signs indicate that employment related claims are the rise, threatening to add yet another level of unprecedented workplace consequences triggered by the pandemic.  Employers will face intense scrutiny from employee complaints exposing companies to liability risks surrounding COVID-related employment claims.  As of October 2020, legal records reveal that more than 500 individual and/or class action federal lawsuits have been filed against employer practices liability insurance policies; a surge likely to extend through year end and well into 2021.



Colorado State University Researchers Correctly Predicted Extremely Active 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The 2020 Atlantic basin hurricane season was one of the most active on record.  2020 had 30 Atlantic named storms, breaking the old record of 28 set in 2005.  As was the scenario in 2005, this season’s storm activity pushed the naming of storms into the Greek alphabet after the customary alphabetical named storm list was exhausted, thus resulting in named storms Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta and Iota. 2020 also had 13 Atlantic hurricanes, the 2nd-most on record, trailing only 2005 which had 15. The research team at Colorado State University’s Tropical Meteorology Project correctly predicted that the 2020 season would be very active.