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Cyber Risk Exposure for Long Term Care Facilities

As technology continues to advance, long term care providers, like other healthcare providers, have become increasingly driven by digital data.  Electronic storage of residents’ medical records and the virtual delivery of care have made it imperative for management to protect sensitive data.  The challenge is that many nursing homes and other senior or assisted living facilities (collectively “Long Term Care providers”) may not have a response plan in place to shield themselves and their patients/residents in the event of a cyber attack. Resultant potential for significant financial losses related to recovery and remediation could be significant.



Winter Weather Home Prep Tips to Prevent Loss

Winter officially arrived on December 21st. Now is the time for homeowners to take precautionary steps to avoid potential losses related to the threats of the winter season. By understanding exposure to risks that could trigger a claim event and involve costly repairs, homeowners can take action to winter-proof their home and property. Preventive measures taken early can help mitigate against the risk of damage and financial loss.



Overview of the 2018 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season

The 2018 hurricane season was more active than originally anticipated – driven by a very active early September, including Hurricane Florence, and then Hurricane Michael in early October.  Yet, this year’s activity paled in comparison to the economic and insured losses resulting from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria that hit in 2017.  Commercial property premium renewal rates edged up to a positive range in the 4th Q of last year as a direct response to these catastrophic events.  The impact of the 2018 storm season on commercial property premium rates will be fully realized at 2nd Q 2019 renewals. 



Role of Financial Advisor in Protecting Assets of the Wealthy

As the year draws to a close, many high net worth individuals connect with their financial advisor to review their year-end investment portfolio strategies.  High net worth individuals rely on expert market insight and advice to manage their wealth and protect assets.  Often not addressed in the year-end planning process is the protection of high value homes or properties that can represent significant assets in one’s portfolio.  Owners of high value homes should consider including an annual assessment of their exposure to financial loss to their property as a part of their year-end portfolio review.



Insurance Protection for Valued Wine Collections

Wine collection is on the rise as passionate connoisseurs accumulate prized bottles or investors seek an alternative asset class.  Serious collectors purchase rare labels and the world’s top vintage bottles to amass an enviable assortment of fine wines.  The quality collection may boast bottles of Burgundy, Bordeaux or Pinot Noir; yet the risk exposures faced by wine collectors are well recognized within the specialty high value insurance market.  Insurance protection of an individual’s fine wine collection can be secured through a range of coverage options, depending on the intended usage, collection objectives and preferred method of storage.