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Agriculture Insurance in India: Increasing Access, Reducing Poverty

More than a fifth of the world’s poor live in India, and most are tied to agriculture for their livelihoods. And half of the entire Indian workforce is in this sector alone. But while crop yields have increased in the country in recent years, so has the gap between yields in richer areas compared to poorer ones.

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The Advent of Claims Advocacy

The emergence of claims advocacy for effective management of complex, commercial insurance exposures has become notably prevalent within segments of the industry.  Claims advocacy – as a risk management corporate service – has been instituted through various approaches over the years.  Today, processes for insurance claims resolution are becoming more proactively systematized within brokerage firms, insurance agencies and carriers.



Hurricane CAT Claims Response On the Move

Hurricane damage consequences present challenges for insurance claims professionals to respond as expediently as possible. For homeowners impacted by the ravages of a devastating hurricane, getting answers is paramount. Every claim resulting from a catastrophic event is unique. Ironshore’s high net worth homeowners hold high service expectations regarding timely claims resolution, particularly in the aftermath of a hurricane storm event.



Passion Motivated Classic Car Collections Speed On

Last year shed new light on the spirit of collecting classic cars amongst both enthusiasts and cash-rich investors. While many expert market watchers expressed concern that the sector was experiencing a “cooling off” period, collectors of all makes and models from vintage to modern classic automobiles were determinedly unfettered in their quest for the ultimate luxury vehicle to enhance their prized arsenal. Classic car values are increasing in response to selective demand. Car value of the classics establishes the asset risk and necessary, bespoke insurance coverage.



Higher Education Institutions At Risk – On Campus Preparedness Essential

Higher education administrators facing the specter of on-campus violence are being challenged to uphold the integrity and safety of their institutions.  The potential risk of an attack demands that today’s educational institutions focus on preparedness measures driven by safety protocols to protect faculty, staff and students.  Operational logistics should also be in place, enabling the institution to resume to normalcy as quickly as possible.  Responsible, timely action by institutions victimized by acts of violence can form the foundation of sound risk management and influence long term risk mitigation.