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From the Field – Are your old strategies and behaviors sinking the new tech you deployed? 

Previous posts covered the Impact of AI and the tremendous amount of data produced by a tech driven, hyper personalized economy and the existential threat to the insurance industry. Here, via Tom’s unique storytelling, we explore how these potential perils can become advantages for a nimble business willing to change how they approach strategy and tactical delivery as well as how their underwriters and analysts approach learning and collaboration with their insureds. 



From the Field – The Digital Self. What is the greatest existential threat to insurance?

Ironshore’s recent executive seminar for broker partners addressed the broad impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its implications on the Insurance industry.  Our guest speaker, Tom Koulopoulos, is Chairman and Founder of Delphi Group, a Boston- based think tank providing advice on leading edge technologies and futures to Global 2000 organizations. In our last post we explored Tom’s perspective on the The Impact of AI. In this second installment, we explore Tom’s question, “What is the existential threat to insurance?” To get to the answer, he first summarizes the new digital ecosystem and the “digital self” that exists for each person and entity in the world today.  



Robotics in the Operating Room Gives Surgeons Greater Control, Improves Patient Outcomes

They’re here.  Robotics in the operating room is happening now and is the fastest growing segment within the healthcare medical device sector.  The myth of robots actually performing surgery is finally being dispelled. Robotics systems offer a tool for the surgeon to aid in surgical procedures for greater flexibility, precision and control. Patients benefit from improved medical outcomes and faster recovery times.   



Researchers at Colorado State University Update Forecast of Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Activity

Hurricane researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) updated their forecast of 2019 Atlantic seasonal hurricane activity on July 9thThe researchers have maintained their forecast for a near-average 2019 Atlantic hurricane season.

Since the time of the forecast release, Hurricane Barry has formed so an additional 12 named storms and 5 hurricanes are now anticipated.       



Lottery Mentality of Today’s Juries – How Much is Enough?

People’s perspective of what is a lot of money continues to escalate. How much is enough? How much is too much? Never has this lottery mentality been more on display than in recent jury awards related to healthcare lawsuits. While the frequency of healthcare professional liability claims may have stabilized or even shown slight declines, the increased severity of such claims has been staggering.