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What is a Managing General Underwriting Agency?

Ironshore’s Managing General Underwriting Agency (“MGU”) business model was developed at a time when commercial clients faced significant counterparty risk in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.   During the period of uncertainty within the insurance sector, management saw the opportunity to create a vehicle for efficient delivery of reliable capacity through a syndicated partnership platform.  Ironshore’s MGU model was a deliberate strategy to offer benefits afforded by large insurance carriers aligned with the nimbleness of a Managing General Agency (MGA).

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Telehealth Care Platform Presents New Insurance Challenges

Telehealth is a burgeoning industry in markets worldwide. The global telemedicine industry is expected to reach $35 billion by 2020. Medical industry statistics project that telemedicine consultations will surge to 160 million cases by 2020, a 700 percent increase since 2015.



Latin America Region Offers Insurance Industry Opportunities

Latin America is a dynamic market offering the insurance industry opportunities to forge new paths for greater penetration within selected sectors.  Insurance industry in-roads with Latin American countries will need to focus on product development, geographic diversification and strategic partnerships.



China Belt & Road Initiative Presents Global Insurance Opportunities

A contract of highway construction has been lately entered into between China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. and the government of Republic of Serbia with the investment of approximately $520 (USD) million.  The Hungary section of Hungary-Serbia railway is estimated to start by the end of 2020.  Another major project of China-Uzbekistan natural pipeline also has officially launched in the city of Bukhara.  All these ongoing projects are deemed to bring about a greater need for insurance in the construction, property, and cargo sectors.  



Infrastructure Opportunity? China’s Belt and Road Initiative

China’s Xi Jinping launched the One Belt, One Road Initiative as a foreign policy mandate in 2013.  The ambitious investment strategy intends to stimulate Chinese and global economic growth.  Deemed to be a “mega infrastructure project,” the initiative targets investment primarily in transportation and energy sectors, including roads, railways, ports, bridges and power grids.  Commercial insurance may experience subsequent growth in project-related premium income throughout one of the world’s largest, fastest growing insurance markets.