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Australia Professional Lines – Legal Expense Cover the New Normal

2017 marked the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the class action statutory regime in Australia.  Class action proceedings are on the rise in growing industry sectors as claimants seek restitution of alleged corporate misconduct or operating behavior.  Award settlements are skyrocketing into the tens of millions of dollars pressuring corporate bottom-lines to bear the financial burden of award costs.


Threat of Securities Class Action Suits Signals Need for D&O Protection

In 2017, a record number of 8% of all publicly listed companies were subject to a lawsuit against directors and officers, well above the historical annual average of approximately 3%. Last year began with a total of 785 pending cases in the federal court system, a 12% increase over 2016 case inventory.  The recorded pending case count in the federal system alone poses potential investor losses of $900 billion, as reported by the National Economic Research Associates (NERA) 2017 Review.


Design Firm Strategies to Help Ensure Payment for Professional Services

Professional architecture and design firms depend on sound financial billing and contractual practices to achieve financial success.  Revenue is the driver of long term firm stability. Appropriate client and project selection are crucial for helping to ensure payment for services throughout the life of a project.  Architects and engineers can benefit by following a course of strategies for timely payment of services and mutually-productive client relationships.