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Insurance Industry Merger & Acquisition Appetite in the Asian Region

Asia is well positioned as the future growth engine for the global insurance industry. Since 2009, there have been nearly 100 successfully completed Merger and/or Acquisition deals within the dynamic Asia Pacific region, with an estimated combined transaction value in excess of $100 billion (USD), according to Mergermarket.


Asian Investment in Europe to Diversify On The Rise

The trend of Asian companies making direct foreign investment in European markets is on the rise.  Industry reports reveal investment in European companies has risen more than 10 percent overall in the past year, with Asian investment accounting for nearly 25 percent.  Asian companies and sovereign wealth funds are looking to diversity portfolios and reduce exposure to the domestic market.  Asian transactions in European markets can differ significantly in terms of regulatory due diligence and tax issues.  Professional M&A underwriting expertise to guide successful completion of a favorable transaction demands knowledge of the European landscape, as well as knowledge of the Asian culture of “deal-doing”.


Private Equity Firms Benefit With Reps & Warranties Cover

Global mega-deals captured public market attention in 2015, and mergers and acquisitions activity within the private equity sector has continued to progress at a healthy pace throughout 2016. The attributes of today’s transaction environment are the same that drive private capital investment: low interest rates, strong cash reserves, motivated sellers and distressed targets.


Mergers & Acquisitions Insurance Can Offer Strategic Advantage

Lloyd’s of London has been a leader in the Mergers and Acquisitions insurance market for the past 15 years.  M&A insurance is on the rise as both buyers and sellers increasingly recognize that third-party insurance protection offers a valuable strategic advantage to facilitate complex, domestic or cross-border transactions. Ironshore’s Lloyd’s Pembroke Syndicate 4000, with deep merger and acquisitions expertise, leverages the strength of the Lloyd’s platform to customize programs for a variety of transactional risk exposures in jurisdictions worldwide. 


Value of Tax Liability Insurance for Complex Transactions

The complexity of tax legislation creates uncertainty for taxpayers. Legislation and accompanying guidance can often lack clarity when applied to complex transactions, while some matters may depend on the vagaries of judicial (or tax authority) interpretation. With tax compliance firmly in the spotlight, taxpayers seeking certainty can utilize tax liability insurance as a useful tool to help reduce exposure to a specific, identified tax risk. 


How could the Downturn in the U.S. Oil & Gas Industry Impact M&A Activity?

The oil and gas industry took another plunge in April 2020. The underlying mood of the National Association of Production and Exploration North American Prospect Expo (NAPE), the industry’s largest upstream oil and gas congregation held in February 2020 in Houston, Texas, reflected a hunkering-down mentality in preparation for an impending downturn. And, that was before the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged global economies.