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Police Excessive Force Raises Liability Risk Scrutiny

Ferguson, Baltimore, Staten Island, Columbus and the most recent infraction of profiling against tennis great, James Blake, during the U.S. Open in New York last month.  Police incidences of excessive force and reoccurrence of “brutal, unjustified physical attacks” erupting in cities and towns nationwide are shamefully disturbing.  At issue is the responsiveness of law enforcement liability programs to cover these public entities and, ultimately, the insurability of this exposure in the face of an increasing number of lawsuits and staggering settlements. 


Concussion Risk Mitigation Taking Precedence in Higher Education

The controversy surrounding the Will Smith film, “Concussion,” released in December will undoubtedly shine the spotlight on sport-related traumatic brain injury.  Heightened attention of professional athlete exposure to concussions, in particular, has risen to be a topic of national debate. The beneficial outcome of attentiveness to concussion risk in professional sports has trickled down to raise awareness at the college and high school levels amongst administrators, coaches, parents and student athletes.