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Precision Farming – Revolutionary Agribusiness Challenges Risk Model

Technologically savvy and economically sophisticated, the new generation of farmers rely on data, meticulous record keeping, state of the art machinery and equipment, and proper utilization of agri-science models. All of these factors are driving how today’s farmer strives to control crop production and improve profitability. While the new risk profile is most evident in large farm operations worldwide, independent commercial farms are also feeling the pressure to implement precision strategies for more productive, efficient operations. Fundamental change in farm management is underway.


An Economic Assessment of Crop Revenue Insurance

Revenue protection for crop insurance is commonplace in the United States and is emerging in other markets around the world. In the U.S., about 80% of crop insurance policies are categorized as revenue protection; that is, the farmer is paid an indemnity based on the difference between what their actual farm revenue is versus the revenue that the farm could potentially earn had prices or yields not fallen. In effect, the insurance offers protection from production risk due to natural perils, such as weather and disease, as well as the price risk as a result of turbulent commodities markets.


Agriculture Insurance in India: Increasing Access, Reducing Poverty

More than a fifth of the world’s poor live in India, and most are tied to agriculture for their livelihoods. And half of the entire Indian workforce is in this sector alone. But while crop yields have increased in the country in recent years, so has the gap between yields in richer areas compared to poorer ones.