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The Terrorism Coverage Gap: Is your business protected?

Terrorism has a face. The recent 2nd anniversary of the Boston Marathon attack in April of 2013, reminds us of the consequences and impact that terrorism can have on individuals and businesses when terrorist attacks target and harm the innocent. Many businesses in Boston suffered uninsured losses from business interruption and extra expenses because their claims were not covered under the government Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA).


Frequent Individual Acts of Terror Demand New Industry Solutions

Individual active shooter incidents, including acts of terror, have soared in frequency in the United States over recent years challenging businesses and institutions to face unprecedented exposure to an emerging risk. In addition to adequate insurance coverage, timely and efficient response can be a paramount mitigating factor, enabling the targeted entity to withstand attack repercussions and facilitate operational recovery. An insured’s access to crisis management services and resources can be critical.


Political Risk Exposure of On-Location Film Production

Within the expansive global entertainment industry, film production is one of the most prominent sectors reaching into every corner of the world.  Producers filming outside of the U.S. can face a jurisdictional risk, exposing production companies to the potential for significant loss from political risk and or political violence events. The increasing terror activity and political turmoil around the world are raising awareness of the need for comprehensive insurance protection in response to these emerging risks.