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The "Loss Proof" Home - Offers Value and Safety

Insurance companies and high net worth homeowners are sharing responsibility for prevention and mitigation of property losses. The trend – insuring a “loss proof” home – points to a change in thinking from post-loss compensation to pre-loss prevention. Insurance companies are encouraging owners of high value homes to reduce potential exposure to avoid losses in exchange for policy premium discounts and credits.


Role of Financial Advisor in Protecting Assets of the Wealthy

As the year draws to a close, many high net worth individuals connect with their financial advisor to review their year-end investment portfolio strategies.  High net worth individuals rely on expert market insight and advice to manage their wealth and protect assets.  Often not addressed in the year-end planning process is the protection of high value homes or properties that can represent significant assets in one’s portfolio.  Owners of high value homes should consider including an annual assessment of their exposure to financial loss to their property as a part of their year-end portfolio review.