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Freeport Storage of Fine Art: Plan Insurance in Advance

The relative lack of freeport facilities around the world and the significant increase in the value of fine art have contributed to heightened concerns worldwide in the specialist fine art industry  of risk exposure. The scale of the potential accumulation risk for works of art in freeport storage worldwide has been a concern for insurers for some time, and there is no end in sight.


Passion Motivated Classic Car Collections Speed On

Last year shed new light on the spirit of collecting classic cars amongst both enthusiasts and cash-rich investors. While many expert market watchers expressed concern that the sector was experiencing a “cooling off” period, collectors of all makes and models from vintage to modern classic automobiles were determinedly unfettered in their quest for the ultimate luxury vehicle to enhance their prized arsenal. Classic car values are increasing in response to selective demand. Car value of the classics establishes the asset risk and necessary, bespoke insurance coverage.


Post-Brexit – “Passporting” in the High Value Art Market

The UK is ranked second in the global art world as of 2015.  More than £8 billion of fine art imports and exports travel throughout the UK each year, representing a 21% share of the international high value art market.  Economic implications of Brexit are far from any level of certainty.  Yet, preliminary discussions amongst art experts have begun.  What will be the potential tax implications and value consequences in a post-Brexit environment?  What will be the impact on cross-border purchase and transfer of valued works of art between the UK and European Union nations?


Insurance Protection for Valued Wine Collections

Wine collection is on the rise as passionate connoisseurs accumulate prized bottles or investors seek an alternative asset class.  Serious collectors purchase rare labels and the world’s top vintage bottles to amass an enviable assortment of fine wines.  The quality collection may boast bottles of Burgundy, Bordeaux or Pinot Noir; yet the risk exposures faced by wine collectors are well recognized within the specialty high value insurance market.  Insurance protection of an individual’s fine wine collection can be secured through a range of coverage options, depending on the intended usage, collection objectives and preferred method of storage.