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Hurricane CAT Claims Response On the Move

Hurricane damage consequences present challenges for insurance claims professionals to respond as expediently as possible. For homeowners impacted by the ravages of a devastating hurricane, getting answers is paramount. Every claim resulting from a catastrophic event is unique. Ironshore’s high net worth homeowners hold high service expectations regarding timely claims resolution, particularly in the aftermath of a hurricane storm event.


The Advent of Claims Advocacy

The emergence of claims advocacy for effective management of complex, commercial insurance exposures has become notably prevalent within segments of the industry.  Claims advocacy – as a risk management corporate service – has been instituted through various approaches over the years.  Today, processes for insurance claims resolution are becoming more proactively systematized within brokerage firms, insurance agencies and carriers.


Lottery Mentality of Today’s Juries – How Much is Enough?

People’s perspective of what is a lot of money continues to escalate. How much is enough? How much is too much? Never has this lottery mentality been more on display than in recent jury awards related to healthcare lawsuits. While the frequency of healthcare professional liability claims may have stabilized or even shown slight declines, the increased severity of such claims has been staggering.


Researchers at Colorado State University Update Forecast of Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Activity

Hurricane researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) updated their forecast of 2019 Atlantic seasonal hurricane activity on July 9thThe researchers have maintained their forecast for a near-average 2019 Atlantic hurricane season.

Since the time of the forecast release, Hurricane Barry has formed so an additional 12 named storms and 5 hurricanes are now anticipated.